What does American Home Appliance do?

American Home Appliance repairs and services all major household appliances.

What are the most common problems?

If your washing machine isn’t working, check to be sure the power cord is plugged in. Surprisingly a washer plug can be bumped or vibrate itself unplugged. Is there a weird switch under your sink or on your kitchen wall that you just never knew what its purpose was? If your dishwasher won’t turn on and it looks like there is no power to your dishwasher, I’ll be willing to bet that is what the switch is for.

Is repairing or servicing an old appliance really a good investment?

American Home Appliance has trained professionals that will come out to your house to diagnose your appliance for a discounted price. Included in this diagnosis the technician will give you an estimate that thoroughly explains exactly what is wrong with said appliance along with a break down of labor and cost of parts. This way, you as the consumer will have all the necessary information to make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Should I repair or replace my existing appliance?

If you are wondering if you should repair or replace your appliance there are a few things you should take into consideration before deciding. Remember what you spent 10 years ago on an appliance will not get you the same quality appliance today. If you do so you will be repairing or junking the new machine every three to four years. You will need to spend twice the amount of money now to get the same quality appliance you did 10 years ago. Lastly don’t forget about your time spent shopping for a new appliance and the added cost of having the appliance installed. So if a new appliance cost $500.00 you are really looking at around $700.00 after all said and done.

Just Need a Part?

You can also reach our parts calling hotline